By Noel Cripps

My dad said, “imagine how excited the devil must be right now.” He has us all where he wants us, why wouldn’t he be. We’re sad, we are angry, we’re scared, worried, hopeless, annoyed, disappointed. Everyone will tell you “focus on the good” but it probably seems like the worst thing to do because of all that has happened and what continues to go on. We don’t want to dismiss it nor should we. We are told to focus on it. But what if the things that scared us the most, instead of dwelling on them we just acknowledged. What if we let it be God’s problem too instead of just our own.

The enemy has us right where he wants us but what if we allowed God to have us right where He wants us instead? Imagine how heaven would rejoice if together we pulled a Job…if we choose Jesus instead of temporary hurt. I want satan to be exactly where we want him and that is in awe of how we endure despite everything and we continue to choose good instead. I choose light over darkness.