They don’t happen every day, but if we keep our hearts and eyes tuned, they will occur on a frequent basis.

To set the stage, my wife is an extrovert to the highest degree and me…yes, you guessed it, I’m an introvert. We can have forty-eleven people around us for hours, or days at a time. The moment they leave, she says “I’m lonely” to which I reply “it’s time for my nap, come have a nap, you’ll feel better.” Of course, that doesn’t make her feel any better because she is not gifted in the art of Napology like I am.

This Sunday after church as I was going in for my after church session of “laying before the Lord,” she again said, “I’m lonely.” I had a brilliant idea for her…why not ask our granddaughter, Cheyenne, over to help decorate! And, of course, because wives do not give us easy acknowledgment for great ideas (probably because we have so few), she said, “I’ll think about it.”


To my great pleasure when I got up from my study in Napology, the house was looking a lot like Christmas. My wife was happily working away with Cheyenne. Things were very lovely indeed. I sat at the kitchen table to be out of the way and as I watched my sweet granddaughter placing the village on the Christmas frame…the houses, church, barn, the bridges over the (cellophane) water and the people…I caught a glimpse of her beautiful little child face with a mixture of joy, intensity, love, and interest. I quickly grabbed my phone and got a magic-moment picture that her Nana and I will always cherish.

This brought to my mind the thought of how our Heavenly Father must peer through the portals of heaven to see us puzzling out our daily challenges. He must lovingly smile upon us as we give Him “Magic Moments.”

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”
Luke 12:32