Just a few words with a powerful meaning. Simply put, degradation of norms is a decline in what we find acceptable or normal. Do you think society just woke up one day and said ‘let’s start killing unborn babies because right now just isn’t a good time to have a kid’? Do you think we just made a quick decision as a nation and said ‘let’s dispose of our founding beliefs because some people might find it offensive’? Its a process. Its a long steady decline, enabled by moral people who do nothing. We will continue down this path indefinitely, compromising the very morals and values that made us great, until we implode in on ourselves. We will strip every ounce of our integrity away in the name of “free choice” until there isn’t a shred to be recognized. And then when we hit rock bottom, we will look back up from where we have fallen and wonder what happened. We will realize that the freedom we flung about so carelessly, did not excuse us from the responsibility that came with it. We will ironically ask God why He has let this happen. There is another option however! We find ourselves. We step forward out of the shadows and say ‘NO! This is not ok! I don’t care what society deems right and wrong. I will live above the norm. I will be a better person enabled by His love for me. I will lead the way and set the example. I don’t care what my peers think of me because I know something they don’t. We are meant for more. We are the chosen few. The leaders of the leaderless. We will rise above expectations, not because of how good we are, but because of how good He is. It is far time to emerge from the background noise and be heard.