Recently, I met a fellow truck driver while delivering to a store adjacent to the one he was delivering. Over the next few weeks we would meet and talk. One night he shared with me that he had lost his babysitter and really was in a bad way since he is a single parent. He wasn’t sure how he could even continue working.

My heart was moved for this young man, and at first I hesitated, then said, “Do you mind if I pray with you?” “No, no, of course not.” he said. So, I laid my hand on his shoulder and prayed a simple prayer asking God to show this young man how much He loved him. Afterward I said to him, “I’m expecting a good report, let me know.” I saw him two weeks later, and I asked, “Did you get a babysitter?” “Oh, yes!” he replied, “Right away.”

I’m not super spiritual; I just know that God wants to show Himself strong for hurting humanity. Next time someone shares a need with you, be God’s man/woman on the street. Ask if you can pray right then. No need to make a spectacle, just invite them to a private corner, then pray verbally and quietly. I promise you God will hear and answer.

Pastor R